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Fantastic article! Thank you! I think it's slowly catching on and the wave of central bank and (US) federal spending spree instigated inflation ought to wake people up to real sound money ₿.

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I am fascinated by the implications of the deflationary stance.

1) deflation usually coincides with a lower velocity of money

2) Bitcoin captures that all data can be monetized

What does the world look like if effectively the breaks are applied to the velocity of data?

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You’re one of my favorite writers in the space. Never become a sellout.

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Great article. Really enjoy hearing your thoughts on Bitcoin on the various platforms. Have a good day.

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Wonderful short article.

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Thanks for the article. I’m continually amazed at satoshi’s altruism. One minor thing (and I could be wrong as I often am) but I believe the genesis block was on 3 Jan 09 not the 9th. Can you confirm?

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Since we are still in the early stages, current buyers and holders of Bitcoin are Bitcoin Cantillonaires and will reap the rewards just like the dollar Cantillonaires.

Is that just or unjust? 🤔

Also, how much Bitcoin does The Fed and big global banks and investment firms already own?

How easy would it be for the Fed or JPMorgan or BlackRock to manipulate the Bitcoin market/price? I would imagine that if the big players like black rock want to get into the bitcoin ETF business, they would want to own their own in a big reserves of bitcoin, in order to be a market maker, and provide liquidity but with their own funds would they be able to manipulate the price?

Fidelity is already in the game because they allow you to 'buy' bitcoin. (I do with them) So they have their own pool of bitcoin that they allow you to have a claim of without directly owning it.

I mean, I haven't really read about this being discussed, but surely it has, but I just could imagine it may be in the interest of the federal reserve to manipulate the price of bitcoin since it's competing with the dollar or maybe the Chinese would do it?

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